Welcome and thank you for visiting Smidwap.com! Smidwap Solutions provides web hosting solutions to encompass a vast majority of the internet market today. Whether you are looking to launch your company's portfolio or share some pictures with your family, Smidwap Solutions can service you!
Who Are We?

Honesty is the best policy; it's also Smidwap Solution's only policy. In clear, non jargon-based language, we'll tell you exactly what we can offer and how much we can offer it for. If we fail to live up to our promises, no step will be above and beyond until we reimburse you. Smidwap is a community-based service. We welcome every single member into the community, and do our utmost to make sure that the community does prosper and increase. We could have simply installed a forum and let our members populate it, but that would have been of no benefit to anyone. It's here where we distinguish ourselves from the rest because we're not in the business for a quick buck; we work hard at going the extra length to introduce new ideas to our service. A clear example is the "Smidwap Community", which we have built. We welcome surfers and prospective clients alike to explore the links on the menu to see what exactly the Smidwap community is and how important it is to our members.
Our commitment:

Smidwap Solutions is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of web hosting possible. We make our way towards this goal by providing our customers with 24/7 tech support and customer service via our helpdesk, community forums, and e-mail. We even provide live support via the popular AOL Instant Messenger and MSN's Windows Messenger. Please check our support page for further information on how we care for our customers. We enjoy providing our customers and visitors with an open discussion forum, where all aspects of web hosting may be discussed... or where anybody can share a laugh. You might find our forum quite useful in answering your presale questions, or if you would like to check out any customer-posted testimonials.
After all is said and done, Smidwap Solutions makes it our first priority to help you "Get your ideas across the web!"


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