Help is available through a variety of different methods. We always stick to our policy of letting you know what's happening if there's any problems and when there is, of not hiding by avoiding you.

To seek a solution to a problem without emailing or instant messaging, you can opt to use our helpdesk which will even file your problem for later viewing. Your problems and their solutions may be recorded in the knowledge base for the benefit of other members.

Knowledge Base:
Previous questions we've been asked-check this searchable archive to see if your problem may already have been answered.


Frequently Asked Questions:
A list of questions that include common queries with settings, information and general how-to's. You may also submit questions you'd like to have answered in the FAQ.

Community Forums:
The community forums aren't just for banter, it's a place where members and staff can chip in to help you with any problem you have.

E-mail Support Staff:
If you want a direct answer, you can email the support staff directly; you will need to proove that you have an account with us, and that you are the owner of the account.

Instant Messenger Support Staff:
Support is available at times through Instant Messengers. Smidwap staff use AOL and MSN to communication with clients.



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