Smidwap Solutions offers Linux web hosting solutions to power any genre of web site one might have. From our Personal Plan, which stands firm as being a perfect solution for small personal web sites, to our Premium Plan, which can serve a numerous variation of sites including E-Commerce sites, Spidwap provides nothing less than excellent service and support. Just take a look at our various plan descriptions as well as our plan comparison page to find the perfect web hosting solution for you.
Plan Comparison Chart - Compare our various web hosting plans, choosing the one that fits your needs perfectly. Our Plan Comparison page allows you to check the various specifications of each individual web hosting package we offer:
Personal Plan - Get the insight on our popular plan, the Personal Plan. The Personal Plan gives you as the web site owner, the capabilities to run anything from a family site to a small forum. For only the price of lunch, $6.95/month, the Personal Plan will definately help you "Get your ideas across the web!"
Business Plan - Our Business Plan is perfect for small business. With plenty of web space and monthly transfer, as well as one-hundred mail accounts @yourdomain.com, this plan can power the small business or larger web site.
Professional Plan - The name says it all! Our Professional Plan is aimed at large sites that use a hearty amount of bandwidth. With our Professional Plan, you won't have to worry about various limits; the plan comes with 500 MB of web space as well as 10 GB of transfer! Just imagine the possibilities!
Premium Plan - Our Premium Plan offers you the flexibility to do almost virtually anything! With 700 MB of web space and 20 GB of bandwidth, you can be assured to have enough quota to setup your own e-commerce site, or even a large gaming site! Smidwap Solutions has no file quota, giving you the capability to store large downloads, or any other large file you might want to store.
Order - Ready to order? Our new and improved ordering system makes it easy for you to register an account with us, as well as make it easy on our side to setup your account! We use PayPal to process payments for your convenience.


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